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Waynes Word #4 Blackest Friday and More

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Wayne’s Word

I missed doing an official email last month , so here we go with the Thanksgiving edition.The store is amping up for the holidays ! Usually on Black Friday, we don’t do anything special, as the malls usually keep everyone busy, but this year we are having a sale. I think you will want to check the website Wednesday after we close to get all the details. I can tell you that our door buster special will be a free, yes free! Incredible Hulk number two or Marvel Point One number one, while they last.

We are having a contest to name our Zombie. The winner gets a $25.00 gift card and the first volume of the Walking Dead trade paperback.We will pick a winner on Black Friday. Also on Blackest Friday as Clayton calls it, the drawing of CU’s survey winner. If you haven’t filled it out yet, there’s still time. Just go to the link on our website, and fill it out. It’s for a good cause, and you could win $ 50.00.

Also this month, IDW has a “Save My Retailer “ contest at contests@IDWpublishing.com where you and Time Warp can be featured in a Star Trek comic. If you are not reading the newest Star Trek series, you’re missing a really good book. This contest closes on December 7th, and I’d really consider it a favor if you’d do this !

We are closed on Thanksgiving day, but will be open bright and early on Friday so you can take advantage of the sale. We will have comics as usual this Wednesday  and will be open regular hours. Next week, there is a chance our shipment might be a day late, please check our site to be sure.

Have a great holiday everyone ! We appreciate your business!

Thanks for reading,


Top Twenty For January 2012

  DC’s # 5 ‘s  The DC Comics new 52 continue to surprise me. DC has a lot of huge hits on its hands. The cream is starting to rise to the top. The # 1’s were an apparition, as many people just wanted the # 1’s and haven’t come back. On the plus side, a lot of high school and college kids are just getting in to the hobby and really enjoying it. It makes my job a lot more fun when you all are enjoying this as much as I am. This phenonemon has really re-energized me.Our three best selling titles are Justice League, Action and Batman. They’re all awesome. I also like All Star Western, Batgirl / Woman, Swamp Thing and Animal Man and many more. In fact there are probably only about ten I don’t read or enjoy. 

DC Chess pieces ! Eaglemoss, who make the super popular lead figures are making beautiful pieces that really are well done and hand painted by elves and faeries.First up – Batman, Robin, Joker and Commissioner Gordon. $ 16.00 each


 Batman Arkham Asylum Play Arts – Kai – Action Figures $ 59.99 each.

Batman or Joker. Really nice looking figures.


 Lobster Johnson : The Burning Hand # 1-5 . Lobster tastes great , this Hellboy tie -in series will be very appetising. This will sell as well as Hellboy.

Regular cover and Mignola variant for the  first spectacular issue


Walking Dead vol 15 trade paperback. This will be out by Christmas. This series is our most popular trade series here at the store, closely followed by Fables.


 Scarlet Spider # 1 Kaine, Peter Parker’s clone is the star here. I’m one of the few people I know who originally enjoyed Ben Reilly in the original Spider clone saga, but I really think I’ll like this series. I think it will be a “sleeper “

Defenders # 1 Dr. Strange, She Hulk, Iron Fist , Silver Surfer and others return this December in a new series. Hope it lasts longer than Alpha Flight. Avengers / X – Sanction # 1 Loeb and McGinness bring Cable back to life , and he wants to annihilate them. That’s even worse than killing them evidently.


 Avengers Annual # 1 Part one of this story was in New Avengers Annual # 1, published a few months ago. Really Marvel, really ? The Avengers vs. Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. 

 Fatale # 1 Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips of Criminal fame bring a horror / noir title to Image Comics. Personally, this is the title I’m most looking forward to this month.


 Whispers # 1 This is completely  done by a Luna Brother – Joshua. This is a supernatural thriller about  a guy who can leave his body and enter the “astral” plane. His intentions are not honorable , unlike his kindred spirit Stephen Strange. 


Lord Of The Jungle # 1 Tarzan finally returns to comics. Should be faithful to the Burroughs mythos.                   

Here are a few of the different covers to look forward to. Issue number one as well as two and three, variants for all issues will be available as well

Ferals # 1 New Avatar series written by David Lapham. Lapham says he’s been really looking forward to this series for a long time.It’s about werewolves of course.Lone Ranger # 1-6 Oh yeah, Tonto’s here too.  Kirby Genesis : Dragonsbane # 1 This is really Thor of course, but he’s not called that . Whatever.


Peanuts # 1 A great classic for all ages.We got # 0 earlier this month and amazingly it sold poorly despite having some new art , or maybe because of that. Don’t know. Sunday Funnies # 1- 32 Pages of great Sunday Comics reprinted from 1890 to 1950. Full color in a 22” x 16 “ format for $ 10.00

 Bone : Quest For Spark Book 2 NOVEL softcover $ 10.00 Jeff Smith illustrations Infestation 2 # 1 Even the Teenage Mutant Turtles are involved. If you’re interested in this series, please sign up, as the first series sold poorly.Prophet # 21 Continues the series Image started years ago. SPlatt was made famous with his great art back then, but he’s not involved with this series. I wonder what ever happened to that artist?




Also of note :

   Monstermen and Other Scary Stories H.C. 24.99 By Gary “ Prince Valiant “ Gianni

   Compleat Terminal City TP $ 24.99 Originally published by DC Comics,collected here for the first time. Michael Lark art !

  Axe Cop volume 3  TP 14.99 Features a Dr. McNinja cross over

  Crime Does Not Pay Archives vol 1 $ 49.99 . 1940’s classics

  Gone To Amerikay H.C. $24.99 From Vertigo featuring art by Colleen Duran. 3 inter- twined tales about Irish Immigrants.

  Danger Girl: Revolver All new series, featuring a new girl to boot.

  Steve Canyon vol 1 : 1947 -1948 $ 49.99 Milton Caniff

  Bulletproof Monk: Disinterred # 1-6 The sequel to the recent hit series.

  Mondo # 1- 3 Ted McKeever returns !

  Explorer : The Mystery Boxes G.N. $ 10.95 An anthology collection for kids. Published by Amulet Books.

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