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Wayne’s Word #6

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Wayne’s Word

Once again, I’m late. I have already ordered everything that I mention here, but this is all stuff I think Time Warp customers will want to be aware of. Unless otherwise noted, everything listed comes out this March.

 Before I get to the Top Titles, I want to let you know that file-holders can sign up and reserve up to 5 of the Free Comic Book Day titles to have reserved in your files for you. If there are some you really, really want, let us know. We always hope you will come in on the first Saturday of May for our great yearly event, and since this year’s FCBD is the day after the Avengers movie is released in theaters, I can’t tell you how very excited we are for this year’s event. I try to top the previous year every year, so stay tuned- Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

Also starting this Thursday February 9th through the weekend we will be running a Star Wars special to commemorate the Phantom Menace being rereleased in 3D. All Star Wars Trades will be 25% off, and Star Wars back issues will be 50% off till February 12th

                                         Top 15 Titles for March 2012

Fairest #1: This is a new ongoing FABLES series starring the fairer sex. The first 6 issues star Briar Rose. Willingham will be writing this arc, and Phil Jimenez will be doing the art. Fables is still my fa vorite series here at the store, so as you can imagine, I’m very excited about still another regular series.


DC’s new 52 Hardcover’s: These will all be out in May, but we already had to order them. The first four offerings from DC are Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. They are $24.99 each, and reprint the first six issues of their respective series. I really like the new DC 52, and Batman is my favorite of the new titles. Let us know if you want us to save any of these for you.


Saga # 1: Brian K. Vaughn is back! Everybody has been wondering what the next big project would be coming from the Y, The Last Man scribe and here it is. Image Comics and artist Fiona Staples bring us this ground breaking new sci-fi /fantasy series. I really think this will be huge!


Saucer Country # 1: New DC/ Vertigo series about a female president who says she has been abducted by aliens.


Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child # 1: Another DC/ Vertigo series, the story centers on the voodoo queen of New Orleans. Political intrigue and murder mysteries abound. New Deadwardians # 1: The third DC / Vertigo start up this month. That’s pretty unusual itself. This one features zombies and vampires, but DC says this is different. We’ll see…



Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2 action figures: Riddler, Catwoman, Mad Hatter and Detective Mode variant Batman $ 19.99 each.Batman: Death By Design Hardcover: $ 24.99 Written by Chip Kidd, and drawn by Dave Taylor. The description in previews in kind of sketchy, so I won’t order too many. If you’re interested, please sign up.




Avengers vs. X-Men # 0 and # 1: So it begins! Marvels huge new mega event starts now. The hype has already started, but I’m still kind of excited about this one. Brain Bendis and Jason Aaron are writing this and Frank Cho is drawing it. It has to be good. Aaron will be here in Denver this June for the Denver Comic Con, so you can read this and tell him in person how much you like it, then get it signed. Very cool.


Avengers Assemble # 1: Bendis and Bagley of Ultimate Spider-Man fame are bringing the newly assembled team from the upcoming Avengers movie into regular Marvel continuity. This is certainly a novel idea. It is my opinion that Bagley is a good artist when he is doing a single character, but struggles a little as an artist on big team-up books.


Age Of Apocalypse # 1: This spin off comes out of the pages of Uncanny X- Force, which is my favorite Marvel title right now. David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre are the creative team.


Super Crooks # 1: Miller and Yu are doing another Marvel Icon series that is rated  “M” for mature. The bad guys decide the USA has too many super heroes, and decide to move out of the country to do bad things.




Manhattan Projects #1: This will be written by Jonathan Hickman, so I’m pretty sure this will be great too. I don’t have a clue how Hickman can write so many series, but he is. As usual, reading the description in Previews magazine does tell me much about how to order this. His writing is intricate and detailed, so I would not figure it out anyway. If you like his FF, Fantastic Four, Shield or the Red Wing series, I’m sure you’ll like this!

Rocketeer Adventures 2 # 1- 4: The next arc starts here. 12 all new stories by today’s top talent, Dave Stevens lives on!

Ragemoor #1: Dark Horse presents a new Richard Corben black and white miniseries. I have been a huge fan of Corben’s art since the 1960’s.



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