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Richard Stark’s The Score

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The sequel to Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations of The Hunter and The Score is finally here! Set to release some time in May, this high-point in the Parker series features the eponymous character as he sets out to rob an entire town in one night. Aided by eleven friends (thus making a “score” of them), the book builds slowly as the crooks work out the logistics, the hideout, and the weapons for the score. Given that it’s a Parker book, things are bound to go wrong (or are they?). We here at Time Warp are huge fans of the Parker series (Wayne especially) and this gets our highest recommendation. We’ll be ordering several copies, but we’d also recommend that you let us know if you’d like us to hold you a copy.

Check out this preview image to whet your appetite for more explosions, crime, and Parker!

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