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Announcing the First Ever Time Warp March Madness Bracket!

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March has come, and with it comes our first annual March Madness Bracket!

Inspired by College Basketball tournament brackets, our resident comic nerds have pooled their brains to bring you a bracket of a more Super variety. Stop by our store to pick up a blank bracket for just one dollar, then bring it in filled out by March 15th for your chance to win!

What is the Tournament?

The tournament is a single elimination style mash up of all your favorite comic book stars, as imagined by your favorite comic shop.

How do I enter?

Come to the store and fill out a bracket! You can take the bracket home with you, if you want to research some of the characters, or you can fill it out in store. In either case, be sure you’ve got your submissions in by Wednesday March 15th. This marks the start of the NCAA tournaments, but more importantly this marks the beginning of our March Madness sale!

How do I win?

We will compare your filled out bracket with our official rulings. We came up with our rulings based on what would happen if these two combatants came into conflict. Would they settle it with fists? Who would yield first? Drawing on our collective years of comic book knowledge, as well as recent events in many different comic book universes, we have come up with what we believe to be definitive answers to these questions.

How much does it cost to enter?

You can purchase as many brackets as you want for $1.00 a piece. Additionally, file holders may purchase their first bracket for the low low price of $.25!

What can I win?


Grand prize is a 100 dollar gift certificate to Time Warp Comics!

Second place is a 25 dollar gift certificate to Time Warp Comics!

Third place gets one standard Funko Pop of their choice!

Fourth place gets one current book featuring the Competitor of their choice!


Ties will be decided by random drawings.


We’re Excited to bring you this contest, and we hope you’re excited to participate!

If you have any questions, drop us a line here, or pop by the store!

Stay tuned for More announcements about our March Madness sale, coming soon! 

And check back often for our Match-up Write-ups!

Happy Wednesday
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